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About Us

Our vision is that every single drop of UCO is turned into a resource for the people on this planet.

Our mission is to turn waste into resources! We strive to reach our objective by raising awareness around the problems that wrong disposal of Used Cooking Oil (UCO) cause to nature and public infrastructures; and providing the tools for collection and recycling.

It all started in Spain, where UCO clogging the drains was a common and costly problem in the past. At the same time, it was obvious that the thousands of liters of UCO poured down the drains could become a valuable resource; it was just a matter of taking care of it. The answer was the development of the EkoFunnel. Municipalities used the EkoFunnel as a part of information campaigns, handing out EkoFunnels to households, solving a lot of the problems with clogged drains. But not only that! The recycled oil was taken care of and today most of is used for production of biodiesel.

After years of successful implementation in Spain, EkoFunnel solutions are now offered to other countries with similar problems.

We believe that you can get a head start by looking at what has been done in other places. That is why we have compiled information and examples from around the globe (using the EkoFunnel or other systems). We hope you can get inspired by reading and learning about how different municipalities deal with the problem.