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In addition to solving a problem, recycled Used Cooking Oil (UCO) can be transformed in a feedstock for power generation:

  • Biodiesel: biodiesel generated from UCO reduces dependence on fossil fuels, it is much cleaner than conventional biodiesel and can be used in diesel engines without any transformation. In many cases this biodiesel is used by municipal buses, thus closing the cycle and using the UCO to benefit the public directly.
  • Heat generation: UCO can also be used to generate a kind of biodiesel to run heating stations, reducing CO2 emissions. In Sweden some municipalities heat public schools during winter with this system.
  • Electricity generation: biodiesel is an ideal solution for small-scale electricity generation. It is used in areas where power outages are common or for activities where there is no possibility of using electricity from the grid (mining, etc) or even to provide Short Term Operating Reserve to the grid.

One single liter of UCO is enough to provide you with:

  • a 20-minute hot shower
  • 900 hours of light with energy-efficient light bulbs
  • 50 hours TV
  • 10 cycles of a dishwasher
  • 9 days of freezer use

Other benefits of recycling UCO

Creating schemes to recycle UCO generates employment (waste collection, treatment, etc.). In many places this work is done by people with disabilities, increasing their integration into society.

Last but not least. In times of food shortages, using crop to produce energy and fuel has been pointed out as one of the main causes of escalating food prices. On the contrary, by collecting UCO, we produce energy and fuel of a by-product that would be wasted otherwise.