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Problems arise when used cooking oil (UCO) is poured down the drain, which affects residents, communities and municipalities:

  • UCO solidifies into thick layers inside drain pipes and sewers, constricting the water flow. This can result in unsanitary back-ups and overflows onto streets, basements or rivers;
  • Grease clogged sewers lead to foul-smelling odors and rats;
  • One single liter of UCO pollutes 1000 liters of water - oil spreads into a fine layer that affects underwater fauna and flora;
  • Problems lead to increased cost of sewer system maintenance (4,26 $/pers/year ac-cording to San Francisco Public Utilities Commission);
  • Due to the problems that UCO causes to the sewer system, the cost of water purifica-tion increases (2,45 EUR/UCO liter according to Madrid’s wastewater treatment plants);