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The obvious solution is to avoid pouring the Used Coooking Oil (UCO) down the drain.

The first step to solve the problem is to inform households about what happens when UCO is poured down the drain; and at the same time design a UCO collection system that suits the needs and characteristics of the municipality.

This is where the EkoFunnel comes in. The EkoFunnel is a simple solution that facilitates the recycling of grease and waste cooking oil from households. The EkoFunnel can play a key role in information campaigns organized by municipalities, residents’ associations, recycling and energy companies to promote the sorting and recycling of UCO.

The EkoFunnel then becomes an effective tool in removing a contaminant and a cause of blockages in the sewer system and helps increasing the collection of raw material for the generation of green energy.

The EkoFunnel has a lid where campaign and promotional stickers can be attached.


In order to collect the UCO, we have given the EkoFunnel a big brother, namely the EkoContainer. The container is placed strategically around the city and makes it easy for the citizens to get rid of the recycled UCO. (see collection schemes)